Walter Williams, George Mason University economist, reports that, when a reporter asked Nancy Pelosi where, specifically, the Constitution granted Congress authority to mandate American citizens buy insurance, her response was: "Are you serious? Are you serious?"
When the reporter said: "Yes, yes, I am." Pelosi just shook her head and took a different reporter’s question.

Pelosi’s press spokesman later explained: "You can put this on the record. That is not a serious question. That is not a serious question."

After that response does anyone wonder why we are going to end up with government mandated, controlled and disastrously run health insurance (and I use that word "insurance" loosely)? It also explains why and how our country will go bankrupt, literally.

These people not only consider the Constitution irrelevant, they have utter contempt for it.
This demands a complete flushing of Washington. Why? Because, though John Shadegg introduced the Enumerated Powers Act in 1995, to "require Congress to specify authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws and for other purposes," it has never gained more than 54 co-sponsors in the House and none in the Senate, until this year. Now it has 22 senators.

Why so few sponsors? And why almost none until this year? Because only a few representatives or senators have any use for our Constitution, except when it serves their political purposes.
Many of our tragically uneducated citizens have no use for the Constitution, either, though it is the only thing that has stood between us and the utter devastation forced on vast portions of the world’s occupants throughout history. Look it up!

It is time to flush Washington’s political toilet. When it stops up, I vote we use ballot box lye on it. Nothing else will work.

Muriel Sluyter

In the West dog packs are always a problem. They hunt down a cow, deer or elk and run it until they exhaust it sufficiently to take it down. Then they tear chunks of its flesh and eat them, while the animal is still alive. They do this to any animal that cannot protect itself.

That is what our elected representatives are doing to us. They write bills that will take more money from us than we make. I don’t mean these bills will take whatever money we have left after we support our families. No! They will take the money we need for food, shelter and clothing.

They pretend to be "looking out for us." No! They are taking power from us and concentrating it in Washington. This is a power grab by conscienceless, power-hungry people.

Do our Senators and Representatives in Washington represent us? Sadly, Republican or Democrat, they have come to represent only their leader, not us. The President says we must have government-run healthcare or our country will collapse, so they sign bills that will bankrupt us, no matter how vehemently we tell them not to do so. The President says we must cap greenhouse gases (volcanos produce almost all the carbon dioxide on the planet), so they pass a bill they know will bankrupt our businesses and private citizens. The President has openly stated as much.

They sign bills they haven’t read. We tell them "Read the bill!" and they mock us by hiring a speed reader.

They are ravening dogs, and we have become their prey. We must flush ALL of them at every election, until they remember for whom they work.

Muriel Sluyter

PS: This was the coldest summer of my life. Ain’t global warming grand!