by Muriel Sluyter
2 January 2013

America has reached an astonishing and far from enviable state. We have graduated more lawyers than any country could ever need or use. As a result, every time we turn on the TV, we have the great fun of watching law firm advertisements attempting to entice us to sue the pants off everyone we know or with whom we have ever had dealings.

Somewhere within the ad the viewer is assured that he truly deserves money from every firm or individual with which he has had contact. This is designed to whet the viewers’ appetite for money, and lots of it!

Is this really the way the citizens of a great country should think and act?

Does this not turn common, everyday citizens into predators? In my view it does precisely that! It encourages good people to behave in a way that is far from good, far from honorable, even far from decent.

New Year's Day Giveaway

30 December 2012

For Immediate Release

Gun Classifieds is hosting a New Year’s Giveaway and one lucky winner is going to be the proud owner of a brand new DPMS Panther AR15. In other words, Gun Classifieds is leading the way to Beat The Ban and defend our Second Amendment Rights. On January 1, 2013, we’re going to compile all eligible entries and draw a winner.

As we’re sure you’re aware, your right to keep and bear arms is under siege. President Obama is expected to introduce devastating legislature that will attempt to lockdown firearms that many of us hold sacred as safeguards to our way of life. Many believe the nightmare scenario will play out with a knock on the door and a confiscation of your guns.

But in proud celebration of our Second Amendment rights, Gun Classifieds is giving away the symbol of our Freedom. We’re giving away a brand new AR15 . . . a DPMS Panther complete and in the box.

The previous Federal Assault Weapons Ban, signed into effect by Bill Clinton in 1994, expired on September 13, 2004. During the period, it was illegal to manufacture, transfer and import specific firearms that fell into this newly created “assault weapons” category. Cosmetic features defined this category and included” telescoping stock, pistol grip, flash suppressor and bayonet mount. The ban also included any magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

The ban became very symbolic to both Gun Control and Gun Rights advocates and after the it expired, several proponents attempted to re-enact similar forms in either the House or the Senate in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009. While all of the attempts proved unsuccessful, a renewed effort to ban weapons including the AR15 was sparked by the recent Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Fearful that new legislature could ban the AR15, many consumers rushed to stores to purchase them only to find the rifle sold out at most Utah outlets as current owners became reluctant to part with theirs. With very few available on the market, prices escalated for this very popular rifle and remain well above previous market prices today.

But Gun Classifieds was able to purchase a brand new DPMS Panther model and are using it to promote awareness of their Grand Opening as well as the recent attacks on the Second Amendment through new Assault Rifle legislation.

The owners of Gun Classifieds believe that if banning the weapon can be a powerful symbol for Gun Control, then providing one to a law-abiding citizen can be an equally powerful symbol for Gun Rights.

Here’s what you need to do to be eligible to win:

  • Be a Utah Resident 21 years or older, and
  • LIKE the Gun Classifieds Utah Facebook page, and
  • LIKE and SHARE any of our Beat The Ban posts, (please note that your privacy settings must be set to public so that we can verify this.)
The winner will be randomly chosen from the list of eligible contestants on January 1, 2013 at 10 pm. We will close the contest at 8:00 P.M. MST to allow time for us to compile and process this data and then select the winner.

Winner must also pass a thorough Background Check and complete a comprehensive Bill of Sale.

No purchase is necessary to participate in this giveaway.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, Please contact Terry Brown 801.420.0687


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Copyright by Candace Salima, December 2012

To The Editor:

Our administration has a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature. They seem to think that, if they speak sweetly and gently to the leaders of countries that hate us, they will cease to threaten us with nuclear extinction. Those with an aggressive nature and a determination to control their fellow humans do not react this way. In fact, such naive, indeed foolish, treatment only makes them more aggressive and dangerous.

Bullies, by their very nature, attack the weak, such as an elderly bus monitor and/or a child with crippling caused by one of those awful diseases to which all humans are vulnerable.

One of my grandsons has been sweet and gentle from birth. He was bullied by some schoolmates for years. Now that he is 6'6" and over 200 pounds of muscle and bone, with coaches salivating over his football future, his schoolmates let him alone. Why? Because he no longer gives off a sense of being an easy victim. To put it precisely, they are afraid to attack him.

Human nature never changes, whether Middle Eastern or Western. Our President is telling our enemies that they have nothing to fear from us. The next step in this drama is for our enemies to attack us, as they have done in Libya and Egypt. Why? They no longer fear the consequences of such an attack, because our President has assured them there will be none.

Muriel Sluyter

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