We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Every single day I receive phone calls, emails and Facebook messages from people begging me to give them the answers ... they want to know how we are going to rescue the U.S. Constitution and the Republic. I have been very public about the solutions: become educated about the Constitution and the Republic, American history and our founding fathers. Learn why they chose a representational form of government over a pure democracy. But the thing I've said once if I've said it a thousand times, "find a candidate you can get behind and thrown your support behind that person, 150%."

While Mike Lee has not formerly announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate and the seat Bob Bennett currently holds, he has made his intentions clear enough that everyone knows he will be throwing his hat into the ring in a matter of weeks. He is the one I'm throwing my support behind, 150%.

But this night is about the U.S. Constitution, why it was created, what it is all about. The Constitution is our rule of law, and as Mike Lee has said, every law and piece of legislation should be measured against the Constitution and then dealt with accordingly. Come and learn, be motivated and be inspired. Bring your friends, family and neighbors...leave no one untold about this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the most brilliant constitutional minds in our nation. I do not grant that title lightly, for I am related to another of the greatest constitutional minds in our nation.

This is an amazing opportunity for every Utahan. I love, support, stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution as our rule of law. This is your chance to strengthen your educational foundation as an American citizen. An educated and literate society cannot be overthrown...think about that for a moment, and then come meet Mike Lee.

I've created a flyer announcing "An Evening with the U.S. Constitution and Mike Lee" for willing Americans to hand out to their friends, family and neighbors. If you are interested in receiving one, please feel free to email me at ces@candacesalima.com and I'll send it right back to you.

Here's a little bit about Mike Lee himself:

Mike has a great love of the Constitution, which he holds dear and wants desperately to preserve. The Constitution - including everything from the Due Process Clause to the Presentment Clause - was discussed around the Lee family's dinner table, almost in the same way many families talk about the weather, school, or the day's events. As a result, at a very young age Mike acquired a great love and admiration for the Constitution and for the principles found therein.

After graduating from Law School in 1997, he served as a law clerk to Judge Dee Benson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah. He then clerked for then-Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr., who was serving at that time on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit Court. From there he went into private practice, joining the Washington, D.C. office of Sidley & Austin, where he specialized in appellate and Supreme Court litigation. Several years later, Mike returned to Utah after being invited to serve as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Salt Lake City, preparing briefs and arguing cases before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. He served as Governor Huntsman's General Counsel from January 2005 until June 2006, when he returned to Washington to serve a one-year clerkship at the U.S. Supreme Court with Justice Alito.

Mike returned to Utah (and to private practice) in the summer of 2007, joining the Salt Lake office of the Washington, D.C.-based law firm of Howrey LLP. Mike has earned a reputation as a truly outstanding lawyer based on his sound judgment, unsurpassed writing and courtroom advocacy skills, and thorough understanding of the Constitution (and of federal law generally).

Mike has a strong desire to bring about fundamental change in the way the federal government operates. In particular, he supports efforts to:

1. Secure passage and ratification of a constitutional amendment requiring Congress to operate on a balanced budget

2. Secure passage and ratification of a constitutional amendment imposing term limits on U.S. Senators and Representatives

3. Rein in entitlement spending

4. Reform campaign finance laws, many of which restrict core political speech in violation of the First Amendment and - while cleverly presented to the public as ethics-reform laws - are principally designed to give incumbent Senators and Representatives an unfair advantage over challengers

Mike, his wife Sharon, and their three children live in Alpine.

Mike is an administrator for The Article I Society, check it out: (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=143699482286&v=info#/group.php?v=wall&gid=143699482286)

And please become a member of "Draft Mike Lee to run for the U.S. Senate: (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=221765717795&ref=ts)

Keep an eye on this man. Michael Lee will be our next U.S. Senator. I am putting my "money" where my mouth is. This is how we will turn this nation around. Electing men and women with courage, strength, a deep and abiding love of the U.S. Constitution, America and an understanding of the American purpose in the world. Last night I heard everything I needed to hear to support this man.

Date: Thursday, January 14, 2010
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Noah Webster Academy
Street: 205 East 400 South
City/Town: Orem, UT

Candace Salima
OR28 Precinct Chair
Republican Party

...but more importantly, first and foremost,

an American citizen.

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.

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Walter Williams, George Mason University economist, reports that, when a reporter asked Nancy Pelosi where, specifically, the Constitution granted Congress authority to mandate American citizens buy insurance, her response was: "Are you serious? Are you serious?"
When the reporter said: "Yes, yes, I am." Pelosi just shook her head and took a different reporter’s question.

Pelosi’s press spokesman later explained: "You can put this on the record. That is not a serious question. That is not a serious question."

After that response does anyone wonder why we are going to end up with government mandated, controlled and disastrously run health insurance (and I use that word "insurance" loosely)? It also explains why and how our country will go bankrupt, literally.

These people not only consider the Constitution irrelevant, they have utter contempt for it.
This demands a complete flushing of Washington. Why? Because, though John Shadegg introduced the Enumerated Powers Act in 1995, to "require Congress to specify authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws and for other purposes," it has never gained more than 54 co-sponsors in the House and none in the Senate, until this year. Now it has 22 senators.

Why so few sponsors? And why almost none until this year? Because only a few representatives or senators have any use for our Constitution, except when it serves their political purposes.
Many of our tragically uneducated citizens have no use for the Constitution, either, though it is the only thing that has stood between us and the utter devastation forced on vast portions of the world’s occupants throughout history. Look it up!

It is time to flush Washington’s political toilet. When it stops up, I vote we use ballot box lye on it. Nothing else will work.

Muriel Sluyter

In the West dog packs are always a problem. They hunt down a cow, deer or elk and run it until they exhaust it sufficiently to take it down. Then they tear chunks of its flesh and eat them, while the animal is still alive. They do this to any animal that cannot protect itself.

That is what our elected representatives are doing to us. They write bills that will take more money from us than we make. I don’t mean these bills will take whatever money we have left after we support our families. No! They will take the money we need for food, shelter and clothing.

They pretend to be "looking out for us." No! They are taking power from us and concentrating it in Washington. This is a power grab by conscienceless, power-hungry people.

Do our Senators and Representatives in Washington represent us? Sadly, Republican or Democrat, they have come to represent only their leader, not us. The President says we must have government-run healthcare or our country will collapse, so they sign bills that will bankrupt us, no matter how vehemently we tell them not to do so. The President says we must cap greenhouse gases (volcanos produce almost all the carbon dioxide on the planet), so they pass a bill they know will bankrupt our businesses and private citizens. The President has openly stated as much.

They sign bills they haven’t read. We tell them "Read the bill!" and they mock us by hiring a speed reader.

They are ravening dogs, and we have become their prey. We must flush ALL of them at every election, until they remember for whom they work.

Muriel Sluyter

PS: This was the coldest summer of my life. Ain’t global warming grand!

Dear Israeli Citizens:

We have a deal to offer that we trust you will find attractive. We propose a straight-across swap, your Prime Minister for our President.

We would venture a guess that our President is in better physical condition than your Prime Minister. Not only is he younger, he is almost unused, while your Prime Minister has been through hell on earth. Nonetheless, though your man is considerably older and has had very rough use, we are willing to accept him in what we are sure you will consider a very fair swap.

We are sure our man would please your citizens. He is charming, and, if he has a Teleprompter, is absolutely unexcelled in public communication.

Now, if you have reservations considering the comparative value of these two leaders, we are prepared to sweeten the deal by offering you 34 Czars. We cannot guarantee their honesty and/or integrity, but we are confident you will find some use for them (we have none).

If you are not ready to jump at this fantastic offer (and we are confident you are champing at the bit at the very thought), we could throw about 100 or so Senators into the deal. Actually, we have a goodly number of House members we could spare (possibly as many as 435) if you are still hesitant.

All in all, Gentlemen and Ladies of Israel, we are prepared to begin negotiations at your earliest convenience.

We anxiously await your response.

Most cordially, responsible citizens of the United States

Muriel Sluyter

Gentle Reader,

As I unwound my buck for the umpteenth time, I told him he should be required to get a license to be this stupid! That’s when it dawned on me that our Representatives and Senators need to be given precisely the same message. They should have to buy a license permitting them to be this stupid! That way we voters could rescind their license when they act like arrogant idiots–as they will–automatically kicking them out of Congress!

Udall says they will be able to pass national healthcare without votes from the other side of the aisle. Even though they are being vociferously upbraided by those very voters who put them into office, he and many other Reps are determined to defy constituents’ wishes.

At present 57% of Americans think all Reps and Senators should be voted out of office, but politicians aren’t worried. Why? Because they think we won’t act on our convictions. So, I have a plan: Let’s send everyone of them a letter informing them that, due to their regularly exhibited lack of the most minimal intelligence and integrity, they will, as of this date, be required to purchase a license permitting them to behave like both village idiots and members of a criminal enterprise.

Then in November, 2010, we kick them out on their crooked rears! Two years later, we do it again! Then we do it one more time!

They will hate it, but we will love it! Why? Because by mid-November, 2014, we will have one humble bunch of Reps and Senators. We will have kicked out everyone who has treated us with contempt, everyone who has voted for bills they knew we voters neither wanted nor could afford.

Do I owe my buck a consulting fee? Nah. I’ll just call Senator. He’s almost as dumb as they are. Not quite, but almost!

Muriel Sluyter

We've had some great coverage from both the national and local newspapers ... remember, tomorrow is the day:

Lakeridge Junior High Football Field
951 South 400 West
Orem, UT

Details at Patriot's Day Tea Party blog.

Washington Times
Time for a Tea Party
A Drive to Restore Fiscal Sanity and true division of powers

by Candace E. Salima
Friday - July 3, 2009

Americans citizens have had enough already. The course the nation's government has taken over the past few decades has slowly slid away from the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.

The executive, legislative and judicial branches are running roughshod over the American people. It was only a matter of time before the American spirit rose up to fight against the rogue federal government; the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) movement grew out of that vital American spirit. -- Read More

- and -

Washington Times
Editorial: July 4 Tea Parties
Protesting Big Government on July 4th

by James S. Rollins
Friday - July 3, 2009

The tea party movement has become more than a one-time tax protest. The grass-roots political crusade is growing and expanding. As "tea party" organizer Candace E. Salima notes on our facing page, more than 1,300 parties are scheduled nationwide to mark the Fourth of July. This popular uprising against oppressive big government is in the best tradition of the American independence movement that we are celebrating this weekend.

The tea parties are a genuine expression of the American democratic spirit. The April round of tea parties - held to protest tax day - was studiously ignored by President Obama and ridiculed by liberal critics, no doubt in hopes the movement would go away. But the party keeps on rolling. -- Read More

- and -

Daily Herald
Conservatives throwing July 4 Tea Party in Orem

by Michael Rigert
Thursday - July 2, 2009

OREM -- They might not have much of a use for tea cups and saucers, but conservatives from Utah County and around the state are gathering Saturday to celebrate the nation's birthday and to hold a rally aimed at taking back America from what they say is a federal government gone amok.

Orem resident and politico Candace Salima said she organized the Patriot's Day Fourth of July Tea Party in response to President Barack Obama's federal spending spree and his and a Democratic-controlled Congress's attack on citizens' rights. -- Read More

From my daughter:

This Saturday is July 4th, America's Birthday. The Patriot's Day Tea Party is a gathering of Americans from all walks of life, from all parties, all organizations, all with one goal...the restoration of the Republic and the Constitution reinstated as the rule of law. We are speaking up for America. Americans uniting in a single voice in defense of our nation.

Yes, we have great speakers, great music, great food and fun planned for this tea party. But at its heart is the desire of each person attending to restore America to her full glory. May I issue each of you a solemn promise: America will not fall. We can and will save her. But it will take each of us talking to family, friends, neighbors and peers, encouraging them to stand up for truth, stand up for America.

This Saturday, those attending the Orem tea party will be joining over 1,331 other tea parties and millions of Americans across the nation as we unite in this great cause. As I have stated over and over, there is no greater way to celebrate the birth of America by fighting for our liberty and our Constitution on our Independence Day.

Have a wonderful week everyone. See you on Saturday, 10:00 a.m. sharp!

Lakeridge Junior High Football Field
951 South 400 West
Orem, UT
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Park in the UVU (Utah Valley University) parking lots H & J right across the street (behind the trees).

The parking lot to the north of Lakeridge Junior High is reserved for the disabled and elderly who are limited in their physical capabilities.

Remember that Rubios, Wallabys, Hot Dog King, Flour Girls & Dough Boys as well as SubZero Ice Cream will all be there selling food.

Also, Veterans of Foreign Wars will be selling drinks, the proceeds of which will go to the Veterans Administration in order to purchase a van to transport soldiers and veterans to and from their appointments.

I look forward to seeing you all there. Join us in the morning and early afternoon and then you're off for family celebrations and Freedom Festival festivities.

Speakers: Candace E. Salima, AG Mark Shurtleff, Rep. Brad Daw, Jean-Claude Wicks, Scott Bishop, Jennifer Kindrick, Doug Osmond, Denise (Letters to Soldiers), Sgt. Kraig A. Thorne

Musicians: Shaun Barrowes, Doug Osmond, Jill Camp Swensen, Drew Reese, Heather Andrews, Angela Winston and the One Voice Children's Choir

May God bless each of you and America,
Candace E. Salima

More details at: Tea Party Utah Blog
Facebook Event: Patriot Day July 4th Tea Party - Orem

Greetings, Gentle Reader,

Every Christmas we watch "White Christmas" at least once. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye do a number called, "Oh! I wish I were back in the Army." One line goes this way: "The best of doctors watched us carefully." Every time I hear that line I crack up laughing. I know the guys were cared for, and I think it may be even better today, but universal medical care, as they have in the service, doesn’t include "watching carefully."

Let’s examine this thing called "universal healthcare." We are hearing much about it from the new administration. It sounds great! Affordable medical care for everyone! Wow! Who could argue with that? The answer? Anyone who has experienced it. Why? Because it works very badly. Want an explanation? I thought you’d never ask!

Okay. All joking aside, it really doesn’t work well at all, as anyone who has been involved in it can explain. Since my children and I were military defendants for several years, they and I had plenty of time to see it from the inside out.

Those years were during my youth, back when I was still having my children. The rules said you had to make an appointment by a certain time of your pregnancy, because they had to get you on the schedule for the baby’s delivery, so they would not be too backed up by other mothers due to deliver all at the same time.

It is important to know that the bulk of the military dependent women were young wives, almost all of whom were having their families during that time of their lives. That, all by itself, created the same conditions that exist in today’s clinics, designed to provide universal medical care. Both Canadian and English residents can attest to the results of those conditions.

Many of the military doctors were interns, who had recently graduated from medical school. Back then, all men were required to serve in the military during their youth. If they didn’t enlist, they would be drafted into the Army, so many chose to enlist in the Marine Corps, Navy or Air Force, rather than the Army. This meant many doctors were still young and relatively inexperienced compared to civilian doctors, who often had decades of experience under their belts. It was not unusual to have complications that increased the chance of danger to either the mother or baby. If there was an older, more experienced doctor on duty, you were in luck. If not, you simply took your and your baby’s chances with the young doctor. You had no choice. If he made no mistakes, all was well. Sometimes he did make mistakes.

When your new baby was six weeks old, you were required to take it to a "well baby clinic." It was universally assumed that your baby would come down with a cold the next day. Why? Because you had to sit for hours in a crowded room with what seemed to be thousands of other babies, some of whom had colds. There really were not thousands, but it was usual to have several dozens of mothers and babies, many of whom were accompanied by older siblings. It truly seemed like thousands.

During the winter, getting a cold increased your baby’s chance of getting pneumonia. If the young mother realized what was happening and caught it in time, and if the baby responded to the antibiotics, the baby recovered. If she did not, or if the baby didn’t respond to the medicine, the consequences could be fatal. Why? Because with universal healthcare, you have to follow the schedule of the clinic, which told you what, when and how.

It became the norm for a mother to wait until the baby/child was definitely sick , before going to the clinic, because if he was not really sick when he was taken to the clinic, the attention he got would be scant and hurried. Unfortunately, waiting for a child to get really sick is a recipe for a potential disaster. A sickness caught early is much easier to treat than one that has had time to get past the child’s defenses and become entrenched in his little body.

The quality of prenatal care in the military was such that I learned to wait until I was a few months along, rather than going in when I was supposed to do. That way, I was told the delivery date schedule was full, and I must arrange to be treated by a civilian doctor. I learned the hard way that an experienced older doctor would not give me a prenatal exam until I was far enough along that it would not cause a miscarriage, which had happened several times. The military clinic followed a schedule designed for the mass of women, ignoring the special needs of problem pregnancies.

This is just the tip of the universal healthcare iceberg. It goes straight downhill from there. My first daughter came within a hair of dying because of a careless and grossly incorrect diagnosis by doctors who were required to treat indigent citizens. Unfortunately, many doctors are less diligent with those who are not paying patients. It is a fact of life, and it accomplishes nothing to deny it. They often must care for people who are destroying their own health with disgustingly destructive types of behavior, and some of them react in a fashion that is all too human.

In both of these circumstances, whether with military or civilian universal healthcare, the quality of care is too often questionable. The doctors and nurses are overworked, because people who do not have to pay for care tend to come in more often than they would if they had to turn over hard cash every time they saw a doctor. The result is a doctor having to spend time on someone who doesn’t feel well, instead of spending it on a patient who is genuinely sick. The genuinely sick patient needs more time than the doctor has to spend, while the "doesn’t feel well" patient uses up time without legitimate cause. Why? Because the care is free or close to it.

Universal healthcare sounds great, but it isn’t. Don’t be tricked. If you can afford to pay the doctor, you will be given much better care when you truly need it. And if it’s any comfort, before the government got involved in medicare for the elderly, a doctor’s visit cost five dollars. From the time medicare began, healthcare began a rapid climb, until now, it’s through the roof, as everyone knows.

Until next time,

Muriel Sluyter

To the Editor
Cortez Journal Newspaper

The charge that Republicans want to see Obama and our country fail is a red herring designed to distract the citizenry from his administration’s unconscionably irresponsible handling of the economy.

Obama decried the proliferation of earmarks and the deficit spending of the Bush administration. Now that he is doing precisely the same thing, only on a vastly greater scale, he wants to keep Americans distracted, hence this flap over Rush Limbaugh.

Anyone who heard Limbaugh’s statement (and it has been played repeatedly all over the country) knows he said, specifically, that he wanted Obama to fail to establish socialism in this country.

Since approximately half our citizens agree that European-style socialism would be detrimental to our national welfare, it is the height of foolishness to pretend they are traitors. This is especially so since Obama’s margin of support among the citizenry is not only narrow, but tenuous.

Voters who can count and have any understanding of compound interest know not even our grandchildren will be able to repay this vote-buying, supporter-rewarding, citizen-controlling spending gusher. Additionally, he is compounding the approaching disaster by raising taxes on America’s hardest-workers, in order to "spread the wealth around."

He is avoiding any mention of the national bankruptcy waiting in the wings if China, Japan and Arab countries stop buying our paper, and the danger of that is real.

Those of us who were furious about Bush’s bailouts and deficit spending are aghast at Obama’s doing precisely the same thing, only worse. Additionally, most Americans are too smart to fall for his attempt to draw attention from his actions by generating this preposterous Limbaugh fabrication.

Do Republicans want Obama to fail? If his intention is to turn us into a European-style socialist nanny state, for my part, the answer is a resounding "Yes!"

Muriel Sluyter

Greetings Gentle Reader,

This stimulus package–and I use the word stimulus loosely–is loaded with garbage, because it’s authors needed decoys. When we citizens scream loudly enough, the politicians "reluctantly" take out something they put in as a decoy. That way we don’t realize they are going to end up with everything they really wanted, all along.

They have put so many decoys in front of their real programs that we could scream for weeks and never get rid of the "toxic" spending they intend to keep. The stuff they will have left is so destructive our economy, indeed our culture, never will recover. We cannot repay the trillions to which they are obligating us, and the programs those trillions finance will change our culture forever, and not for the good.

If I overdraft my budget by $1,000, spending an additional $2,000 is not going to solve my bankruptcy problems.

If I borrow money from Daddy to buy a new car (with interest added), then I borrow from my violent Auntie to repay Daddy (with interest added), then I borrow from my axe-murderer Uncle to repay Auntie (with interest added), I am now indebted to deadly-dangerous people. Soon, they will call in those debts, and I won’t be able to pay. Then what? I will have to pay the price of bankruptcy, and if I am lucky, they won’t slice and dice me in the bargain. What part of borrowing from people who want to harm us does our government not understand?

The only thing that works for an individual (or a government) is responsible money management. We’re getting none of that in this package. It’s nothing but a spoiled child’s wish list and an open manifestation of that child’s malignant desire to control his siblings. (For "child" read Congress and the President.)

Until next time,
Muriel Sluyter

Gentle Reader,

As I opened the steel gates and entered the area where the dairy goats reside, the buck decided to challenge me. He did that odd thing bucks do; he reared up high, standing almost straight upright, then came down on his front feet in a feint, as though he was going to butt me.

Now, I could have dropped to my knees and begged him not to hurt me, but, if I had done that, he would have immediately proceeded to wipe the floor with me. Instead of being conciliatory, I yelled at him, jumped toward him, and told him in no uncertain terms what I would do to him if he so much as tried to attack me. Though he is faster than I, stronger than I, and outweighs me by a lot of pounds of hefty muscle, he promptly turned and ran away.

This little exercise in barnyard psychology applies to people as well as animals. If a group of terrorists threaten us, or attempt to attack us, or successfully attack us, we could drop to our collective knees and beg them not to hurt us, but it would be an incredibly stupid thing to do. That would guarantee not only an attack, but a probable attempt to annihilate us as a country and as a people.

The only thing that works, whether with animals or animalistic people is to make sure they pay a staggering price for their actions, and in addition, make sure they know that the price they will pay for any future aggression is annihilation.

Talking is fine. It makes some people feel exceptionally important to let them talk, but, when dealing with vicious animals or people, it is invariably counterproductive. Why? Because it gives an aggressor a power-rush. They know they have won a round, and they are eager to try for another win.

Let us hope that will not be the philosophy of our new President, because if it is, we are in for a rough four years.