Greetings Gentle Reader,

This stimulus package–and I use the word stimulus loosely–is loaded with garbage, because it’s authors needed decoys. When we citizens scream loudly enough, the politicians "reluctantly" take out something they put in as a decoy. That way we don’t realize they are going to end up with everything they really wanted, all along.

They have put so many decoys in front of their real programs that we could scream for weeks and never get rid of the "toxic" spending they intend to keep. The stuff they will have left is so destructive our economy, indeed our culture, never will recover. We cannot repay the trillions to which they are obligating us, and the programs those trillions finance will change our culture forever, and not for the good.

If I overdraft my budget by $1,000, spending an additional $2,000 is not going to solve my bankruptcy problems.

If I borrow money from Daddy to buy a new car (with interest added), then I borrow from my violent Auntie to repay Daddy (with interest added), then I borrow from my axe-murderer Uncle to repay Auntie (with interest added), I am now indebted to deadly-dangerous people. Soon, they will call in those debts, and I won’t be able to pay. Then what? I will have to pay the price of bankruptcy, and if I am lucky, they won’t slice and dice me in the bargain. What part of borrowing from people who want to harm us does our government not understand?

The only thing that works for an individual (or a government) is responsible money management. We’re getting none of that in this package. It’s nothing but a spoiled child’s wish list and an open manifestation of that child’s malignant desire to control his siblings. (For "child" read Congress and the President.)

Until next time,
Muriel Sluyter