Originally Published 11 February, 2006

Greetings Gentle Reader,

According to Kenneth Timmerman, author and broadcaster into Iran, Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, believes and has stated that he was brought to power to usher in the end of the world. There is supposed to be a terrible time of chaos, then all Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims will be killed, then the world will end. I’m not sure what is supposed to come next.

It seems he and his fellow leaders are waiting for the 12th Imam, who is hiding at the bottom of a well. They drew up a contract with him, but they weren’t sure how to get him to sign it, so they decided simply to drop it into the well. Theoretically, the Imam was down there, and he signed it. I have not heard whether the contract made it back out of the well.

Ahmadinejad was the guy in charge of the group that took our embassy staff captive back in what I think was 1979. He held them for 444 days. In fact, he turned them loose only because Ronald Reagan was elected president, and he only released them then because he was afraid Reagan would attack Tehran if he didn’t. He knew they had buffaloed Jimmy Carter, but they couldn’t do that with Reagan.

This guy is the one who has said they will wipe Israel off the map. He has also said the holocaust didn’t happen.

He says insane things all the time, but insane people can be very dangerous, and this one has been described as a complete raving lunatic.

Timmerman says Iran has had the equipment to build nuclear bombs for some time. They bought it from that Pakistani bomb builder, A.Q. Khan, who was happily selling it to anyone who had the money to buy it.

Perhaps the most dangerous sign from Iran is that they have redesigned their Shahab 3 missiles so they can carry nuclear warheads. The Israelis are said to have satellites watching them, and if they see Iran arming those missiles, they will attack. As we have discussed before, they have sites spread all over Iran, but does that include missile sites? I don’t know, but this rabid monster in charge is probably too sly to put all his bombs in one basket.

When asked how long it might be before the Iranians could provoke a crisis, Timmerman said it could be as soon as a couple of months. In fact, he has named his book on the subject, "Countdown to Crisis."

Is this likely to happen? It could. Lunatics don’t count the cost, besides, this one has said they could attack Israel, and even though they would suffer attacks in return, they have enough people they could kill all Israelis and still have plenty of Iranians left. That statement is a sign that this man lives in his own little world. It says he doesn’t care how many Iranians die, so long as Israel dies with them.

Now, just in case some Americans are thinking that Israel is expendable and it’s not our place to defend them, the nut also has said he is going to kill all Anglo-Saxons. That means us and all kinds of Europeans. Europe now has so many Muslims in it that it would have its hands full trying to defend itself against Iran. Its own Muslims would turn on the native Europeans and slaughter them. They call them Crusaders, and their mandate is to kill all of them. Jolly thought, huh?

Will all this happen? It not only could, but there is likely to be some kind of confrontation with Iran in the near future. Hopefully it will not be nuclear, but even that cannot be ruled out.

Are 21st century Americans as tough as their World War II grandparents? We may soon find out.

Greetings Gentle Reader,

In view of the running gun battle illegal aliens have perpetrated at Cortez, CO; the dragging death of a woman outside of Denver, CO, also by an illegal; and the death of our son-in-law three blocks from his home in Las Vegas, NV, perpetrated by a naturalized citizen from Mexico, who drove a car at 135 mph on a city street with stop lights and several lanes each way; and in view of the other crimes, too numerous to mention, that are perpetrated from one end of America to the other by illegal aliens each day, it is time America’s citizens took action.

Since we have almost no chance of getting a fence built on the border with Mexico; and since we have few legislators with the courage to take the necessary steps to shut off the flood of illegal aliens coming across that border; and since those illegal aliens who are caught are transported back to Mexico; and since it takes them approximately three days to sneak back across the border; and since any Border Patrol agent with the courage to do his job will be convicted of crimes he has not committed and sentenced to twenty years in jail; and since President Bush has not and may never pardon said agents; I propose we take another tack.

Let’s create a chain-gang detention facility using Cochise County, AZ, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s pattern, which would hold every illegal alien caught breaking any law at anytime, including lawbreaking committed in so-called "sanctuary cities." They would be shackled during mealtimes, shackled to their bunks each night, and shackled when they used the toilet. They would never have a chance to riot, escape nor attack their guards.

Those belonging to violent gangs would require especially tight security, and would require a special code on the computer identification chips inserted in all prisoners bodies. It would be essential for each prisoner to be iris scanned, facial structure scanned, and have computer identification chips inserted in their bodies. Chips should identify drug runners, coyotes, smugglers, etc.

Those detained in this facility would be nutritiously fed and their medical conditions treated, would be required to learn English, be educated and/or taught a trade, would be treated respectfully by carefully screened guards, but would have no contact with family members, especially they never would have opportunity to send their family the money Mexico so covets. They would have access to carefully screened non-activist priests and/or ministers, but no
access to either Muslim chaplains, representatives of their own government, nor activist organizations, nor lawyers, either foreign or domestic. They would do hard labor, labor
that would otherwise have to be done by hired laborers, including building a fence on the border, and would have one day of rest each week. They would have to wear clean clothes and bathe at the end of each day. They would have no other privileges.

These prisoners would continue in this state for a minimum number of years, which minimum would be specified, perhaps 10 or 15, but with no specific maximum.

Anyone showing violent or criminal tendencies would not be released unless or until those tendencies completely disappear. If that were never to happen, they would be incarcerated for the remainder of their natural lives.

Since so called "anchor babies" present a serious "daisy-chain" immigration problem, and since our legislators probably never will attempt to solve it, let us immediately take legal possession of every baby born to an illegal mother–a baby who will automatically be an American citizen–and place him/her for adoption to a previously qualified couple whose names would be on a computerized list available at every hospital in America. The couple would pay approximately $2000 to adopt the child, the money being split between the host hospital and the midwife who
delivers the baby, since the $10,000 that often is the fee is unconscionably extreme and disqualifies too many otherwise eligible couples.

Since these mothers would attempt to use phony or stolen Social Security numbers and birth certificates to prove citizenship, it would be imperative that data bases be made available to hospitals. Additionally, if documentation is questionable in any way, and if the mother speaks either poor English or no English at all, she would be presumed to be illegal, and her baby would be confiscated immediately.

If both of these practices were implemented –incarceration of all illegals who break any law and
confiscation and adoption of all babies born to illegals–our illegal immigration problem would diminish, at first slowly, then dramatically. In a very short period of time it would become non-existent. The only illegals we would have in the country would be law-abiding workers who would not ever be granted citizenship.

These things would only work if we first passed state laws that denied judges the power to interfere in this program. It would be hard, but could be done if we were sufficiently determined, especially to the extent of sending prisoners only to states that supported the program.

We’d better do something. If we don’t we can kiss our culture and even our country good-bye, because illegals are not only coming here faster than we can stop them, they are intentionally breeding themselves into a majority.

Originally published November 28, 2006

Do you want to make peace with your conservative base? There are several things you can do to win them over, but if you refuse to do these things, you haven’t a prayer of winning the Presidency. There are simply too many of us who will walk away.

First: The war.

Second: The economy.

Third: The border

Fourth: Oil, both refineries and drilling:

Let’s begin at the beginning: Since your take on the war is the same as most conservatives, it is your only ticket to the White House, so don’t fail us now, because in doing so, you will fail yourself as well.

The next thing you could and should do is to hire someone such as Mitt Romney to run the economy. You don’t know how to do it, and we can’t wait for you to learn. Our American companies pay the highest corporate taxes in the world, which is why so many of them have gone offshore. They would have to be halfwits to try to compete with China, Taiwan, India, etc., while paying these confiscatory taxes.

John F. Kennedy is the first President in the last century to be smart enough to know that taxes kill businesses. When he cut taxes, half of the Washington establishment had to start using Depends, because they were so brainwashed they thought he was going to destroy the country. He didn’t. He salvaged the economy, and by so doing, he earned the undying respect of the citizenry.

We are going into a recession sooner rather than later, and we can only hope the benighted denizens of Capitol Hill will not turn it into a depression, but it looks as though they are determined to do so. You need another J.F.K. to bale you out, because you don’t understand money.

The next thing you need to do is to seal that sieve we call a border within your first six months. There is no reason why many different companies could not get contracts to do ten or twenty mile stretches. It would have to be done right, which means no pretend barrier made of barbed wire, maps in Spanish and port-a-potties.

Stations should be set up in each large border city, where potential workers could apply, give DNA samples and iris and facial scans and get a complete identity work up, before being assigned to a broker who has contracts from farmers and other employers for laborers. They should not be given drivers licenses or any other form of identity other than their official work permit, which would never permit them to vote.

Any workers who leave their assigned work places must be rounded up when possible and put on chain gangs until they can be deported.

No tattooed gang members can become legal workers. Any such members who are caught must not be deported before having spent a long time on a hard labor chain gang. There is no reason why we should permit these types to run free in our country.

Children born to women who are not American citizens must NOT automatically be given citizenship. This must be stopped. There are women who come across the border in ambulances precisely so their babies will be citizens, thereby setting up automatic "daisy chain" immigration for their extended families.

The next thing you should immediately do is to sign an Executive Order mandating the construction of numerous oil refineries and the rescinding of all the insane environmentalist hoops through which they have to jump to get the necessary permits. We need refineries, and we need them now, especially in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado, where shale oil technology is almost ready to go, according to Chris Cannon.

Next, stop this ridiculous mad dash to make Ethanol. It takes more energy to make a gallon of the stuff than it produces, and it has raised the price of corn for animal feed, which, in turn, raises the price of food. This is economically insane. If we aren’t smart enough to make something that is economically feasible out of corn, let’s depend on oil. At least we know how to use that.

Then let’s drill off shore. The Chinese are drilling off our shores. Is there any reason we should not be doing so? Why should the Chinese get the oil we are too stupid to get?

Then let’s start developing ANWR. There is a tremendous amount of oil there. We don’t have to kiss the rapacious little shoes of Arab sheiks to provide ourselves with an abundance of oil. All you have to do is sign executive orders starting the development of ANWR and mandating that all who sue in court to stop it must pay our expenses as well as theirs, and, additionally, that work will continue to go forward while the court cases are pending and being prosecuted.

You can do these things, and you can do them very quickly. Now let’s see whether your "bi-partisan" buddies are as willing to work with you as you have been to work with them.

Lastly and most importantly : It is time for you to learn to "dance with the fella what brung ya." Either that or get out of the way and let a patriot take your place.

Muriel Sluyter, Conservative voter
Dolores, CO