We've had some great coverage from both the national and local newspapers ... remember, tomorrow is the day:

Lakeridge Junior High Football Field
951 South 400 West
Orem, UT

Details at Patriot's Day Tea Party blog.

Washington Times
Time for a Tea Party
A Drive to Restore Fiscal Sanity and true division of powers

by Candace E. Salima
Friday - July 3, 2009

Americans citizens have had enough already. The course the nation's government has taken over the past few decades has slowly slid away from the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.

The executive, legislative and judicial branches are running roughshod over the American people. It was only a matter of time before the American spirit rose up to fight against the rogue federal government; the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) movement grew out of that vital American spirit. -- Read More

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Washington Times
Editorial: July 4 Tea Parties
Protesting Big Government on July 4th

by James S. Rollins
Friday - July 3, 2009

The tea party movement has become more than a one-time tax protest. The grass-roots political crusade is growing and expanding. As "tea party" organizer Candace E. Salima notes on our facing page, more than 1,300 parties are scheduled nationwide to mark the Fourth of July. This popular uprising against oppressive big government is in the best tradition of the American independence movement that we are celebrating this weekend.

The tea parties are a genuine expression of the American democratic spirit. The April round of tea parties - held to protest tax day - was studiously ignored by President Obama and ridiculed by liberal critics, no doubt in hopes the movement would go away. But the party keeps on rolling. -- Read More

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Daily Herald
Conservatives throwing July 4 Tea Party in Orem

by Michael Rigert
Thursday - July 2, 2009

OREM -- They might not have much of a use for tea cups and saucers, but conservatives from Utah County and around the state are gathering Saturday to celebrate the nation's birthday and to hold a rally aimed at taking back America from what they say is a federal government gone amok.

Orem resident and politico Candace Salima said she organized the Patriot's Day Fourth of July Tea Party in response to President Barack Obama's federal spending spree and his and a Democratic-controlled Congress's attack on citizens' rights. -- Read More