Dear Editor:

Why do we teach our children good values, especially since such things are so mocked in today's world? Why don't we let them grow up to behave as they please? It surely would be easier.

Simple. A depraved people cannot be trusted with liberty. The strong invariably use that liberty to enslave the weak, and the weak are ever with us. All people age and become dependent on the virtue of others. Invariably, some are born handicapped in one way or another. They, too, are dependent on the care of others. Otherwise they would be preyed upon by the strong and merciless.

There is no way to be both depraved and free. The two are mutually exclusive. A people will invariably be either free and decent, moral and law-abiding, refusing to accept all forms of tyranny, or they will be divided into masters and slaves. There is no middle ground.

Why have Americans remained a free people for these centuries? Because they have struggled both to be decent and good and to rear law-abiding, honorable offspring. They have recognized that depravity and freedom have never successfully coexisted. There is always, and has always been, either depravity or liberty, but never the two at the same time.

Why? Because the very degeneracy in which such people wallow forms the fetters that enslave them. Any and every people who have ever tried to make the two coexist have failed, and always will fail.

This is why we try so hard to rear an honest, basically good, posterity, even in a culture that glorifies everything we abhor. Now is not the time to throw in the towel, though a hefty percentage of Americans demand that we do so.

Let's choose leaders who understand this.

Until next time,
Muriel Sluyter

Can’t the knuckleheads we send to Congress and the White House count? It appears they cannot. They are determined to spend billions on health care and other things in which government should never be involved, even though they know the voters are furious about it. Why do we think they are ignoring us? Probably because they are.

If they would clean up their financial act and stop wasting taxpayers’ money, while taxing us into the poor house, they would have all the money they need to run legitimate governmental affairs.

Let’s look at some of their grossly irresponsible spending: The government has spent about $100 billion in verifiably improper payments, and they knew those payments weren’t legit. The agencies include Medicare, Medicaid, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Energy, State Dept., HUD, etc. Their books show it. So which lazy, irresponsible incompetents were minding the store when that happened? Both Government employees and elected officials were guilty. Why? It wasn’t their money.

How about those earmarks? In March of ‘09 the $410 billion Omnibus Appropriations Bill (good for only part of 6 months worth of spending) had 8,500 earmarks, costing $7.7 billion. Almost all were a worthless waste of money. We taxpayers were furious and didn’t keep our rage a secret, but were ignored.

In a recent year, the feds couldn’t account for $24.5 billion. Treasury says it’s "unreconciled." Translation? They can’t find it! It could have been swiped or just lost, but they don’t know for sure.

If these knuckleheads intend to continue to spend trillions (and they do) lets can the lot of them. Scott Brown’s election was a shot across the bow for all Reps and Senators. Come November, let’s rub their noses in it.


Many of the world’s con men (think Al Gore) and absolute fruitcakes have met in Copenhagen, Denmark, to cook up a method of shaking down all the productive countries of the globe. They figure they will never see a better vehicle for their nefarious plans than the much-touted global warming, and they are probably right.

Well, dear con men and fruitcakes of the world, I have a plan. Let’s get truly serious and simply outlaw CO2. If we do that we will be able to meet and defeat your verifiably fake global warming (the world has been cooling for a decade) with a sufficiently self-righteous law designed to solve all our CO2 problems. (Of course, it won’t change anything, but we will feel so noble!)

Unfortunately, there will be a few unavoidable consequences, for instance: since all growing plants (think food) require CO2 , we will have to figure out another way to get food. Maybe we will have to become meat-eaters only.

No. That won’t work. Meat comes from animals, and those bloomin’ animals eat plants, and we won’t have any plants. Okay. Let’s go to plan B; we’ll become vegans.

Oops! That won’t work either. Vegans eat vegetables and other plants, and we won’t have either of the two (they need CO2 to grow and once we’ve outlawed it, we won’t have any of that nasty, wicked stuff).

We could adopt the storied diet of famous prisoners. You know how that worked, they had nothing but bread and water.

Oh, oh. Bread comes from wheat and wheat cannot grow without CO2. Maybe we could do just water, but I think we would have the opposite of an overweight problem in short order.

There are people who, when they are starving, eat tree leaves and tree bark. They even make a tasty tea out of them. The only problem with that is trees need CO2 to grow, so without growing trees, there will be no bark either to eat or to make into tea.

It is beginning to look as though we will simply have to go sit under a beautiful green tree and try to think of a solution to our CO2 problem. Oh, dear, that won’t work! There won’t be any green trees, because all the trees in the world are dependent on CO2 to survive, so without CO2 there won’t be any green trees under which we could sit. They all would be brown, brittle and dead!
Oh, woe is us! How ever are we going to feel righteous if we are forced to depend on CO2 for the survival of the human race! It just isn’t fair!

Well, I guess there is only one solution. Let’s do what the con men and fruitcakes do. Let’s say we have saved the planet (yeah, right!) by banning, and thereby reducing to 0, the CO2 we produce. It doesn’t have to mean anything. The super brains (giggle), who are computing how much CO2 the productive countries emit, are busily deleting any data that exposes their confidence game, so let’s take a page from their book and simply announce to the world that we have saved all mankind.

Next, let’s round up the nuts, send them all to the funny farm, then go sit under a tree and drink lemonade. Since lemon trees require CO2 to survive, we’ll sue those environmentally irresponsible lemon trees and send an announcement to the whole world, "AS SOON AS THE LEMON TREES PAY UP, WE’LL LET YOU KNOW. UNTIL THEN, DON’T BOTHER US."

Environmentally yours,
Muriel Sluyter