Do you want to make peace with your conservative base? There are several things you can do to win them over, but if you refuse to do these things, you haven’t a prayer of winning the Presidency. There are simply too many of us who will walk away.

First: The war.

Second: The economy.

Third: The border

Fourth: Oil, both refineries and drilling:

Let’s begin at the beginning: Since your take on the war is the same as most conservatives, it is your only ticket to the White House, so don’t fail us now, because in doing so, you will fail yourself as well.

The next thing you could and should do is to hire someone such as Mitt Romney to run the economy. You don’t know how to do it, and we can’t wait for you to learn. Our American companies pay the highest corporate taxes in the world, which is why so many of them have gone offshore. They would have to be halfwits to try to compete with China, Taiwan, India, etc., while paying these confiscatory taxes.

John F. Kennedy is the first President in the last century to be smart enough to know that taxes kill businesses. When he cut taxes, half of the Washington establishment had to start using Depends, because they were so brainwashed they thought he was going to destroy the country. He didn’t. He salvaged the economy, and by so doing, he earned the undying respect of the citizenry.

We are going into a recession sooner rather than later, and we can only hope the benighted denizens of Capitol Hill will not turn it into a depression, but it looks as though they are determined to do so. You need another J.F.K. to bale you out, because you don’t understand money.

The next thing you need to do is to seal that sieve we call a border within your first six months. There is no reason why many different companies could not get contracts to do ten or twenty mile stretches. It would have to be done right, which means no pretend barrier made of barbed wire, maps in Spanish and port-a-potties.

Stations should be set up in each large border city, where potential workers could apply, give DNA samples and iris and facial scans and get a complete identity work up, before being assigned to a broker who has contracts from farmers and other employers for laborers. They should not be given drivers licenses or any other form of identity other than their official work permit, which would never permit them to vote.

Any workers who leave their assigned work places must be rounded up when possible and put on chain gangs until they can be deported.

No tattooed gang members can become legal workers. Any such members who are caught must not be deported before having spent a long time on a hard labor chain gang. There is no reason why we should permit these types to run free in our country.

Children born to women who are not American citizens must NOT automatically be given citizenship. This must be stopped. There are women who come across the border in ambulances precisely so their babies will be citizens, thereby setting up automatic "daisy chain" immigration for their extended families.

The next thing you should immediately do is to sign an Executive Order mandating the construction of numerous oil refineries and the rescinding of all the insane environmentalist hoops through which they have to jump to get the necessary permits. We need refineries, and we need them now, especially in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado, where shale oil technology is almost ready to go, according to Chris Cannon.

Next, stop this ridiculous mad dash to make Ethanol. It takes more energy to make a gallon of the stuff than it produces, and it has raised the price of corn for animal feed, which, in turn, raises the price of food. This is economically insane. If we aren’t smart enough to make something that is economically feasible out of corn, let’s depend on oil. At least we know how to use that.

Then let’s drill off shore. The Chinese are drilling off our shores. Is there any reason we should not be doing so? Why should the Chinese get the oil we are too stupid to get?

Then let’s start developing ANWR. There is a tremendous amount of oil there. We don’t have to kiss the rapacious little shoes of Arab sheiks to provide ourselves with an abundance of oil. All you have to do is sign executive orders starting the development of ANWR and mandating that all who sue in court to stop it must pay our expenses as well as theirs, and, additionally, that work will continue to go forward while the court cases are pending and being prosecuted.

You can do these things, and you can do them very quickly. Now let’s see whether your "bi-partisan" buddies are as willing to work with you as you have been to work with them.

Lastly and most importantly : It is time for you to learn to "dance with the fella what brung ya." Either that or get out of the way and let a patriot take your place.

Muriel Sluyter, Conservative voter
Dolores, CO

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    Tristi Pinkston said...

    Hi, Candace's Mommy!

    I love your writing and I'm adding you on to my blogroll right now. Keep calling it as you see it -- I love reading it!

  1. ... on February 17, 2008 at 10:41 PM  
  2. Candace E. Salima said...


    I've given you the "A Roar for Powerful Words" Award. You deserve it!

  3. ... on February 18, 2008 at 7:17 AM