Originally Published 11 February, 2006

Greetings Gentle Reader,

According to Kenneth Timmerman, author and broadcaster into Iran, Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, believes and has stated that he was brought to power to usher in the end of the world. There is supposed to be a terrible time of chaos, then all Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims will be killed, then the world will end. I’m not sure what is supposed to come next.

It seems he and his fellow leaders are waiting for the 12th Imam, who is hiding at the bottom of a well. They drew up a contract with him, but they weren’t sure how to get him to sign it, so they decided simply to drop it into the well. Theoretically, the Imam was down there, and he signed it. I have not heard whether the contract made it back out of the well.

Ahmadinejad was the guy in charge of the group that took our embassy staff captive back in what I think was 1979. He held them for 444 days. In fact, he turned them loose only because Ronald Reagan was elected president, and he only released them then because he was afraid Reagan would attack Tehran if he didn’t. He knew they had buffaloed Jimmy Carter, but they couldn’t do that with Reagan.

This guy is the one who has said they will wipe Israel off the map. He has also said the holocaust didn’t happen.

He says insane things all the time, but insane people can be very dangerous, and this one has been described as a complete raving lunatic.

Timmerman says Iran has had the equipment to build nuclear bombs for some time. They bought it from that Pakistani bomb builder, A.Q. Khan, who was happily selling it to anyone who had the money to buy it.

Perhaps the most dangerous sign from Iran is that they have redesigned their Shahab 3 missiles so they can carry nuclear warheads. The Israelis are said to have satellites watching them, and if they see Iran arming those missiles, they will attack. As we have discussed before, they have sites spread all over Iran, but does that include missile sites? I don’t know, but this rabid monster in charge is probably too sly to put all his bombs in one basket.

When asked how long it might be before the Iranians could provoke a crisis, Timmerman said it could be as soon as a couple of months. In fact, he has named his book on the subject, "Countdown to Crisis."

Is this likely to happen? It could. Lunatics don’t count the cost, besides, this one has said they could attack Israel, and even though they would suffer attacks in return, they have enough people they could kill all Israelis and still have plenty of Iranians left. That statement is a sign that this man lives in his own little world. It says he doesn’t care how many Iranians die, so long as Israel dies with them.

Now, just in case some Americans are thinking that Israel is expendable and it’s not our place to defend them, the nut also has said he is going to kill all Anglo-Saxons. That means us and all kinds of Europeans. Europe now has so many Muslims in it that it would have its hands full trying to defend itself against Iran. Its own Muslims would turn on the native Europeans and slaughter them. They call them Crusaders, and their mandate is to kill all of them. Jolly thought, huh?

Will all this happen? It not only could, but there is likely to be some kind of confrontation with Iran in the near future. Hopefully it will not be nuclear, but even that cannot be ruled out.

Are 21st century Americans as tough as their World War II grandparents? We may soon find out.

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