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Our wisest leaders are sounding a warning about the fatherless state of America’s youth. Fatherless fathers tend to produce fatherless children, who become, in turn, fathers who see no reason to father. Though they have nothing against impregnating women.

A man of my acquaintance has fathered six children by six different women. He doesn’t support most of them. They are of no importance to him. At this juncture, there will be a hue and cry from feminists to force him to pay child support, as though that were the most important factor in this tragedy. It is not. Each of these children will grow up with either no father, a stepfather, or a series of men who live with their mother for a time and who, statistically, will abuse both mother and child.

Studies have proven that the safest circumstances for women and children are within an intact marriage. The least safe is a woman living with what is now called a boyfriend. About three decades ago, militant feminists declared that no woman would be free as long as she was married, because marriage was a particularly despicable form of slavery. They stated that their goal was to get women out of marriage.

Congratulations! They have succeeded. It is now common for a woman to have three or four children by as many different men. Those men have no interest in their children; if they had, they would have married the woman they impregnated. It is said that there are more out-of-wedlock children fathered by professional athletes than there are professional athletes. Since so many athletes have been the targets of multiple, DNA-established paternity suits, that statement is probably true.

Unmarried movie and TV stars proudly become pregnant and glamorize the birth of fatherless children. Teenage girls watch and emulate these stars, but it doesn’t turn out quite the way they expected. They end up in horrible circumstances; living in dumps; sometimes fighting for custody of a child; always worrying and working almost as many hours as there are in a day.

These mothers, alone, carry a load that is heavy for two parents. Often, her parents must step in and help, either financially or physically.

Is there a happy ending to this dreary picture? Well, it all depends, as we so commonly say. Depends on what? It depends on whether Cinderella is determined to go looking for and marry nothing short of a prince, or whether she is willing to allow herself to become impregnated by a knave.

The next questions is: Where do princes hang out? Not in a gutter, that’s for sure. A prince is not, nor will a prince marry, a druggie or a drunk. Will Cinderella recognize a prince when she sees one? If her father was married to her mother, if he loved both mother and daughter and cared for them, she will probably know what a real prince looks like. If she doesn’t know her father, or if he disappeared years ago, she may end up impregnated by a series of knaves and her children will most likely repeat the pattern. If so, her sons will produce children they don’t want and refuse to father, and her daughters will produce several children by several different

The real endangered species is the family; only good sense, responsible behavior and genuine concern for women and children can change that. It is late in the game, but it’s never over until the last whistle blows. It won’t be easy, but we can turn it around, if we want to do so badly

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