I wrote this letter to the Editor of my local newspaper, the Cortez Journal. I doubt it will have much effect as they are so liberal, but a voice speaking out is a voice counted. I thought I would share my letter with you today:

To the Editor,

Oil is at $138.54, and it isn’t through climbing. Are speculators to blame? An investigation says not.

We produce half as much oil in this country as we did in the 70s. Why? The villains are on Capitol Hill. We could have been drilling in a number of places for decades, but our Senators and Congressmen are afraid of the other villains, the environmentalists, including the Global warming con-men, the ones who call drilling for oil "raping and pillaging." Never having lived in Darfur, Afghanistan or other places where raping and pillaging are the real thing, they describe extracting natural resources from the earth in those preposterously hyperbolic terms.

Our problem is supply and demand. We have more oil within our boundaries than they have in the Middle East, but we can’t use it. We should be drilling in ANWR and off our shores and continental shelf, but China is drilling there, instead, because our lawmakers know the nuts will accuse us of raping and pillaging if we drill there. So we make Ethanol, and have the elevated food prices to prove it.

"Coal to oil" technology is ready. It’s being used elsewhere. It’s said we are the "Middle East of coal" and could supply much of our need with that resource, so why are we not using it?

The shale oil deposits in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming would solve the lion’s share of our problems, but Congress won’t let us develop that, either.

We haven’t built a refinery in 30 years. Why? Raping and pillaging, remember? Our lawmakers are sniveling cowards, and we Americans are playing the "see, hear, speak-no-oil-drilling monkeys." Maybe $5.00 plus a gallon will force us to stop playing games and get serious.

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