A trip down memory lane took me back to a time when my mother lived with us. I wrote this article when the importance of having a father or husband in the home was really spotlighted in our own home:

Greetings, Gentle Reader,

My mother, at 91 years young, is now residing with us, and what an education we are getting! I am learning many things, but one especially has caught my attention: Women and children think very differently from men. More to the point, women and children need that differing viewpoint to balance their world.

Now, I know this is not an earthshaking discovery, but in today’s world, it is most reassuring and, yes, refreshing. How did I arrive at this conclusion? It was this way: As I knelt to replenish the wood in the fireplace, with my back to the door, I heard my husband coming into the front porch. To my utter surprise, the words, "The man of the house is home. All is well.", came into my mind. In astonishment I asked myself, "Where did that come from?" As I pondered this amazing experience, I realized that I was verbalizing an eternal truth, not just where I was concerned, but for every member of the family. Children cannot verbalize their need to have a father who comes home each night; they just cry when he does not come home. Wives often do not know that they, too, have such a need, not simply as a matter of companionship, but for the protection inherent in the presence of the man of the house.

My husband and I recently watched a news show in which the newsman told of a house in which an invader killed all the occupants, husband, wife and children, with no apparent resistance. My husband exploded in frustration, "Why didn’t the man fight? I don’t understand why he didn’t fight." Obviously we knew nothing of the circumstances surrounding the incident, except that, for whatever reason, the husband didn’t fight.

In response to his frustrated questioning, I realized that a woman would almost always tell her children, "Hide! Run!

Hide!" whereas a man would rally any sons old enough to help defend the home. If there were none, he would fight it out alone.

How does that pertain to my mother’s presence? I have discovered that when she hears my husband’s voice, it calms her, even when she is frustrated by her diminished capacities.

Additionally, analyzing myself, I realize that when I am in a potentially threatening position, I sense myself drawing physically closer to whatever seemingly "in charge" man I see, and as I contemplate that, I realize why my husband’s voice calms my mother. This part of her life is difficult. She needs comfort, and she responds instinctively to a voice that promises protection, just as she has done since childhood.

Now, to the strange world in which we presently live, a world in which perhaps half of America’s children have no father who comes home each night. They have the same instinctive need of a father’s steadying presence as other children, but they don’t have that presence, and children who don’t have it show it.

Modern Americans have been taught, ad nauseam, that women and children don’t need men. That men are chauvinists, insensitive clods. How long has it been since we have been able to enjoy a TV program in which the father is anything but a useless incompetent? The answer, unfortunately for the mental health of Americans, is about 40-plus years. Even Bill Cosby was continually put down by his super-capable, super-smart, all-knowing wife.

There are a couple of words for this type of thing: It’s called propaganda. It’s also called brainwashing, and it has been deliberate, rather than inadvertent.

We have tolerated this toxic garbage for over 40 years. Isn’t it time we grew up and began to live in a real world again? Families need responsible fathers and husbands. Neighborhoods need responsible male residents.

An airline pilot reported that he has asked many passengers what they would do, post 9/11, if they were on a plane that was hijacked. He said that, to a man, they said they would not submit. At the first sign of a hijacking, they would fight. Never would any of them allow such a thing to happen again.

Feminists are trying to turn our little boys into girls, insisting they must be drugged, if that’s what it takes to make them less aggressive. It’s time we fought back against them, too. We must stop allowing them to destroy the male half of our population. We need our men and boys to be men and boys, not pretend girls. My mother, at 91 years and counting, can explain that to us, if only we have enough sense to listen.

Until next time,

Muriel Sluyter

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