Dear Gentle Reader,

When Geraldine Ferraro said Obama would not be where he is, if he were not Black, she was stating a straightforward, innocuous, non-racist fact. A number of people have voted for him because he is Black. So, what’s the big deal? They have every right to vote for a candidate for whom they have an affinity, whatever the genesis of that affinity. Ferraro’s statement attacked no one, so why the hysteria?

There are surely countless women who have voted for Hillary because she is a woman. They, too, have that right, and in America, no one can deprive them of it, so let’s not let those with an agenda convince us there is racism where, obviously, there is none.

Recently, we have been treated to the refined words of Barack Obama’s pastor. After a litany of spurious, and astonishingly venomous, accusations of America in general and White America in particular, he offers these uplifting words: G.. D... America! He says this repeatedly.

It seems this is all a part of something called Black Liberation Theology, something of which this writer has never heard. It is a vicious, abusive mind set that aims to keep the hearts of Black Americans emotionally upset and inflamed against not only Whites, but all non-black Americans in general.

When Obama’s wife said she was proud of her country for the first time in her adult life, she was showcasing, for all the world to see, the results of such poisonous teachings.

This is a woman who attended both Princeton and Harvard. She earned a law degree, but the only comment she has made about her education is that she and her husband still are paying on their student loans, and she insists that is wrong, since they are both in their forties.

So, what is Obama doing about his pastor’s nasty verbiage? He’s pretending it is of no consequence. He says he doesn’t agree with it, but he has continued to go to that church for twenty years. He has supported the church financially. That implies an acceptance of the pastor’s views at some level.

Let me tell you what Jeremiah Wright’s words did to me: For much of my adulthood, I have revered the Tuskegee Airmen. They were Black fighter pilots whose job was to protect our bombers, as they bombed Nazi strongholds in Europe. At first, the White bomber pilots did not trust the Black fighters to protect them from the Nazi fighter planes, because of stereotypical opinions of the capacity of Black men as dependable fighters, opinions they had learned in their childhood.

They were verbal in their distrust, but soon those Black fighters earned the respect of the bomber pilots, so much so that they began to request that they be escorted by the Tuskegee Airmen. Not only had the bomber pilots learned to trust them, they had come to prefer them as ferocious protectors. The Black fighters had proved themselves to be both fearless and exceptionally skillful.

When Jeremiah Wright said the terrible things he did about America and White Americans, at first I was devastated to think those Black pilots, who courageously gave their lives to protect not only the bomber pilots, but by extrapolation, me, may actually have hated me. Surely, they would not have damned me! Surely, they could not have felt that way about me, when my feelings for them were sheer reverence!

That’s what Jeremiah Wright did to me.

Thankfully, my first emotional reaction to his viciousness has passed. My feelings for the Tuskegee Airmen are still reverential, and they ever will be. Jeremiah Wright may rob others of their hero-worship of those brave men, who died to protect me and mine, but his wickedness has ceased to harm me.

Now on to Hillary Clinton: She has never been one for telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but she has outdone herself this time.

When she made a trip to Bosnia, during her husband’s administration, she was greeted by little girls, one of whom kissed her on both cheeks. These things are being repeatedly showed to us, as the tape of her arrival is played.

The only problem with this story is that she says they had to duck down and dodge sniper fire, as they ran across the tarmac. She says, also, that if a place was too dangerous for a visit by the President, they would send the First Lady. None of this is true. She made up all of it.

As a result of the above, she is now talking about Obama’s pastor. That subject is much safer, and, incidentally, much more fun, than discussing the phony story of her dodging sniper fire.

Now to Detroit’s mayor: He has been caught in potentially criminal activity, as he pursued a sexual relationship with another city employee. They have him dead to rights, and the people want him to resign, but he says, "No way!"

This is the city, if you will remember, that gets burned down on Halloween. Why? I don’t think anyone knows. The local hoods do it just for fun, I guess. Now they have something else to keep them entertained.

Then there was the holier-than-thou "Sheriff of Wall Street", Eliot Spitzer, the Governor of New York. He betrayed his wife and children, and the citizens of New York State, with a high-priced prostitute for a considerable period of time, at the state’s expense. He had to resign, which meant his second in command became Governor. Unfortunately, the new Governor was at least as sleazy as Spitzer, and maybe more so. His confessions just keep coming. He would do all America a favor if he would keep his revolting escapades to himself. Our stomachs can stand only so much of this awful stuff.

Now what does New York do? Again, I’m not sure anyone knows.

Aw well! This is definitely the silly season. It’s just that some silly seasons are sillier than others. For whatever reason, this one is becoming one for the books.

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