Originally published 19 January, 2006.

As all observers can see, with Iran it is going to be a case of who blinks first. They know that we know they are trying to make nuclear weapons, but they also know we can’t prove it. They think they can lie about it right up until they bomb Israel, because by then it will be too late for anyone to stop them.

There is another weird aspect to this standoff: Religious clerics have been known openly to say that, while we value life, they value death. Anyone who doubts that need only look at their eagerness to blow themselves up in order to kill others. If that doesn’t add a new dimension to this explosive situation (no pun intended), I don’t know what would.

Israel cannot and will not let themselves be blown off the map, as Iran’s leader has said they intend to do, and if it comes to life or death, Israel will launch a preemptive attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. That will bring the wrath of the entire world down upon their heads, because as warlike and aggressive as several other Middle Eastern countries are, Israel is the one hated around the world.

Why? Because Jews live there, and almost all the countries of Europe and the Middle East hate Jews. Why? I can’t explain racial hatred. I never could, but that is the motivation of a great deal of the world’s people, and anyone who denies that just doesn’t know history.

Our president has already sent warplanes to the immediate area. I think they are there because, if Israel is forced to attack, it will be imperative that we attack, also. My reasoning is that Israel must not be made to carry the world’s wrath alone for what is, and long has been, a global problem.

Though Iran could – and eventually would – attack Europe, they would deny that was their intent right up until they dropped their bombs on France or Germany. So, if Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear facilities, both France and Germany will attack Israel verbally and with UN sanctions right up until Irani bombers turn Paris and Berlin into smoking trash heaps.

A political leader has said we would have to use a nuclear bomb to get through those hardened bunkers, but I have been told that anyone who understands phosphorous knows better than that. I hope that is true, because I don’t want us to be the first to go nuclear in that region.

Retired Air Force General McInerny says we learned how to break through hardened bunkers by failing to break through Saddam’s bunkers. He says we can do it. That’s good because he also says there are a lot of them to break through. We know they learned from the Israelis’ having taken out Saddam’s nuclear reactor in the ‘80s that they must not put the entire facility in one place, as Saddam had done. So, their nuclear facilities are spread all over Iran. McInerny says we should get other Middle Eastern countries to join in the attack, but that sounds like mission impossible to me. Let’s hope I am wrong. If there was ever a time when I wanted to be wrong, this is it.

So, with Osama bin Laden saying he is going to attack us again, with Iran saying they really are not making a bomb, while doing so, with Zarqawi running a terrorist network in Iraq and killing hundreds of Iraqis and some Americans, with Islamists plotting attacks in several of our country’s mosques, what are half of our homegrown political leaders doing? They are putting everything they have into forcing our president to forgo the wiretapping of foreign terrorists’ phone conversations with their fellow conspirators in this country. Why? They are trying to score political points that will help them win the next election. If that allows them to attack us, Oh Well! They can always say it is Bush’s fault.

Does this make sense to anyone but themselves? Is there any way any of them can guarantee they will not be one of those killed in the next terrorist attack on our country? It could be one of their loved ones, but it just doesn’t matter. Politics trumps everything. Iran’s malevolent leader and his obsession with building and using a nuclear bomb is no more than a minor distraction. All that matters is winning elections.

If some funny-looking guy from outer space were to stumble onto our planet and watch both the terrorists with their murderous obsessions and our politicians with their mindless ambition, he would roll his eyes, call his mother ship and say, "Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life on this planet."

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